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He has earned high scores in a various magic competitions throughout the world. He is continually receiving invitations to perform at diverse international events.

He truly is one of the rising starts in the world of magic. His performances combine great storytelling with creative and jolly movements

2016 Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde, France, Invitation

2014 FISM ASIA, Stage General, 2nd Prize

THE TRICKSTER  Yeong-min Lee

He is the one of the leading comedy magicians in South Korea. He participated in the Asia World Magic Championships as a comedy magician representing South Korea. Not only he is man of creativity who can make the performance more interesting and fun with his various stage expressions but also a man who knows too much about the secrets of the performance.

2015 ‘Super Rookies of Magic’ Performance

2014 Busan International Magic Festival, Stage Prize winner

THE TRICKSTER  Jeong-seok Mun

He is a magician who always shows new things. He incorporates magic with other genres such as pantomime, dance, juggling, comedy and more. His role in the performance is one that connects the various other performances to tell the complete story.

2014 Bolshoi Ballet Kal Hotel Invitation Performance

2013 Jeju International Magic Convention - Manipulation Prize winner


Ted Kim

Since winning 2012 FISM WCM award, he has been performing in world-famous theaters from Venezuela, Spain, England, Italy, Sweden, China, Japan, Malaysia, France, Taiwan, etc. including the Blackpool Opera House in England and the Peabody Opera House in Saint Louis, U.S.A. He received outstanding reviews like “The performance showing the extremes of Fantasy Art.” from major media outlets and the ‘Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde' which records the highest viewing rates in Europe.

2015 The biggest, longest period magic performance

<Super Stars of Magic 4>, Leading Artist

2012 FISM WCM, Stage Most Originality Award

(First Asian in history to receive this award)


Young-min Kim

In 2015 at the FISM WCM he took 1st Place in General Magic and received many rave reviews as a magician who does the most beautiful magical expressions from world famous magicians such as Franz Harary, Cryil, LUCHEN. He has also received calls of praise from show produces from CIRCUS DE SOLEIL, THE ILLUSIONISTS, IMPOSSIBLE and more.

2015 FISM WCM, Stage General, Champion

2014 FISM ASIA, Stage General, 3rd Prize & Most originality award


Young-Ju Kim

In the magic world, he is a talented performer who is capable of both juggling and magic at the same time, and presents a unique performance that combines magic with juggling. His juggling magic won several times in various international magic competitions where the performance of the main event of juggling is considerably disadvantageous. His juggling magic with cigar boxes is a combination of brilliant technique, giving the audience a double visual pleasure.

2014 FISM ASIA, Stage Comedy, 2nd prize

2011 FISM ASIA, Stage Comedy, 2nd prize

The Florist

Chang-min Lee

Chang-min Lee is an rising young magician who has won numerous awards in various magic contests around the world. He is very talented in manipulation centered on hand techniques. His main magic performance with cards which shapes butterfly gives not only the sophisticated mystery expressed by hand techniques but also the deep emotion to the audiences. he is busy performing not only in Asia but also throughout the Americas and continental Europe.

2016 Las Vegas Magic Live Convention in U.S.A.- Special Invitation

2015 FISM WCM, Stage Manipulation, 3rd prize

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