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Magic is the second oldest profession with 5,000 years history. Magic has been forming relations with politics, economies, society, and art step by step and has existed in various forms and names even since its name was unclear. Sometime as protection from might power of rulers and sometimes like moss hiding in dark and damp backstreets in a time of oppression, magic used to manage to keep alive. However under any circumstance, magic has done its best to realize fantasies with much more reality in the world we are living. Magic of Korea were merely seen going through the Korean war and military dictatorships, just in decades it had received attention and been loved by public. And in very short-term,

surpassing magic of Europe and America which has severe territorial imperatives to alien and recently won title in a low in pure league which is like olympic of magic in 2012, 2015.

We gave wonder of magic in short-term to world of magic which has long history, with the passion as basis we all have been work hard to re-create the illusion with high reality which has been expected by audience for long time. Our performance, "SNAP" stands for Contemporary Mystery & Magical Performance, which will bring pleasure and drama to global audiences including Korea with Mystery and Illusion.

Executive Producer

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