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Final choice for regional performance growth project ‘Made in Busan’ of 2018 BOF

<SNAP> was the final choice for 2018 BOF regional performance growth project ‘Made in Busan.

On June 7, four organizations held their third showcase at the Grand Theater of the Eulsukdo Cultural Center in Busan, and as a result of the review, <SNAP> of Grujarm Production was chosen not only for production costs but also for development into a sustainable tourism product.

"We will create a popular cultural concert representing Busan, not just one-off performance support, through 2018 BOF Made in Busan, and will further commercialize it to create a new turning point for sustainable tourism," a Busan tourism official said. The 2018 BOF, which will feature the "Asia No.1 Hallyu Festival," will be held in various places including Sajik Asiad Main Stadium in Busan and Gunam-ro in Haeundae for nine days from October 20 to 28.

The exact time and place of the <SNAP> will be scheduled for future information, so please pay close attention!

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