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SNAP – SOLD OUT in Hong Kong International Arts Carnival

On July 27-29, the show <SNAP> of Gruejarm production was invited to perform at [Hong Kong International Arts Carnival – HIAC]. The HIAC is a festival hosted by the Hong Kong Cultural Organization, an organization affiliated with the Hong Kong government, and is one of Hong Kong's biggest performing arts festivals hosted by Hong Kong inviting outstanding performances from all over the world.

The show was originally planned for 3 times at the 1300-seat Sha Tin Town Hall Auditorium but tickets were sold out so fastly, so we added one more performance and sold out four times in total!

We could realize the popularity of <SNAP> through enthusiastic reactions, cheers and standing ovations.

In addition to the performance of SNAP, we also offered a workshop where you can learn magic. The workshops were all sold out either.

Since then, we had meetings with people in the Chinese performing community who have seen this performance and are discussing tours in China and Asia. We will come back with more good news!

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