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CINARS Official Showcase _ Official Invitation of [Circus/Interdisciplinary Art] for the first time

Gruejarm Production's <SNAP> has been officially invited to the Circus/Interdisciplinary-Art category for the first time by a Korean organization at the CINARSbiennale, which will be held in Canada in November 2018.

Marking its 18th anniversary this year since its birth in 1984, CINARS is considered the world's best art market in terms of size and influence, and is called the mother of the Art Market Model. They maintain their success by thoroughly managing the quality of the biennale by inviting only a handful of elite pieces every two years. Director Robert Lepage, dancer Eduard Rock, and Cirque de Soleil made their names known through CINARS.

According to CINARS, they select the invited works based on the professionalism, artistry and originality of the works and organizations, and select five of the world's 330 requested works from this year's four genres, including music, dance, drama, circus & interdisciplinary art, and 20 works will be officially invited during the biennale period.

Snap is the first Korean organization to be invited in the area of Circus/Interdisciplinary, the most popular genre of CINARS since the Cirque de Soleil opened its way. It is very unusual for an Asian organization to be invited in this field, where Europe, Australia and Canada are strong.

And through many of the world's performing arts officials, including CINARS, <SNAP> was officially invited for the first time in CINARS history as a magic-based performance. It is very meaningful that a piece based on magic has been recognized in a world-renowned art market that values artistry, and it is a rare case of magic being recognized worldwide for its potential to expand into art.

<SNAP> is scheduled to hold an official showcase of CINARS 2018 at the Sentre Pierre-Péladeau Theater in Montreal, Canada, at 3:30 p.m. on November 14, and is expected to expand the North American tour scheduled for next year.

Please cheer the <SNAP> team for their great performances in the heart of the world's performing arts!

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