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The 18th annual CINARS Biennale official showcase ended with a big response.

<SNAP> participated in the world's first and most famous art market, "CINARS" in Montreal, Canada, from November 12 to 17, completing all of its official showcase performances and art market booths amid the interest and acclaim of many people from around the world.

CINARS (Cumberce International des art de la Scene), which is held every two years in Canada in November, was designed to advance Canadian works overseas in 1984, but is now the world's best performing art market with 1,800 people from 40 countries.

With its 18th anniversary this year, CINARS offers an opportunity for an official showcase in four areas: circus/interdisciplinary art, dance, music, play, and total 23 of 330 pieces were selected this year.

The performance of Gruejarm Production <SNAP> was selected as the official showcase for circus/interdisciplinary art in 2018 CINARS and was given a much higher-than-expected response at Pierre-Mercure Theater in Montreal, Canada on November 14. In the exhibition booth of the Sinair Art Market, which was held for three days, various people from around the world, including Australia, Canada, the U.S., New Zealand, Chile, China, and Macau, visited the SNAP booth to talk about the potential of entering various cultural markets. We will visit you in the future with more active and fruitful results.

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