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A tour of the world's highest performing group Cirque du Soleil

On November 16, Gruejarm Production visited headquarters of Cirque de Soleil in Montreal, Canada at the invitation of Cirque du Soleil, the world's largest performing group.

Cirque de Soleil is an entertainment company founded in Quebec, Canada in 1984, specializing in 17 performances worldwide, with 7,000 employees working at Montreal's headquarters and in a variety of fields including costumes, music and performances.

The headquarters of Montreal, where we are invited, is a huge building with over 8 ha of land and 3.3 ha of floor space. After passing the hall where all the performance posters in the history of the Cirque de Soleil are visible, there are various types of practice rooms, offices, restaurants for artists and employees, costumes for performances, music, and stage sets. It was amazing that it seemed like the office itself was a city with everything that people needed to live in. It was also impressive that they purchase works of Canadian artists every year and display them inside the office building in order not to forget that they are part of Canadian culture and art.

The invitation provided us with an opportunity to see and feel the excellent system of Cirque de Soleil, a world-renowned performance organization, and to see the way forward as a performing arts organization using the language of performing arts.

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