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The World's Best Press, The New York Times. <SNAP> Rave Comments

The New York Times, one of the world's leading media outlets and one of the most demanding performance reviews, gave a rave reviews of the <SNAP> at the New York Theatre on Broadway.

With title of "Eight things to kids this weekend", including hands-on activities, exhibitions, festivals. NYT chose <SNAP> for the performance, and they commented, "Wizards Without Wands," "The art of neat magic, Charlie Chaplin-like comedy and old circus was harmonized with the 70-minute show."

In addition, on "TheaterMania," a well-known U.S. performance art portal, chose <SNAP> as one of the five must-see performances in New York. And ss the only Asian piece, that combines "Snazzy magic with fast-paced comedy that made the best show for children."

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