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Celebrities gave rave reviews after watching <SNAP>

Famous American actors visited the New Victory Theater for <SNAP>.

Neil Patrick Harris, a popular U.S. actor known in Korea as "Dugi," who plays the leading role in a famous musical in the world, watched a snap performance with his family. After the performance, he met with performers of <SNAP> and said,

"When I see a magic performance, I think about how the tricks are done first, but <SNAP> made me able to focus on the performance itself. It was amazing that all of these things were created harmoniously in one scene, despite the various effects of magic happening all at once."

In addition, James Spader, who plays the main character Ultron in Age of Ultron, won the best actor award at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival and won three best actor awards in the Amy drama category, watched <SNAP> with his family, said, "It's a beautiful and original magic performance that I've never seen before." Jason Bishop, a renowned U.S. magician and illusionist who usually performs large-scale magic shows, posted on his social media after watching the show, "Even as a magician, <SNAP> was full of brilliant ideas. It was amazing to have a production that I never thought of even with the most basic tool of magic."

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