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<SNAP> landed at the performance hall in 5 months!

On May 27, <SNAP>' was invited to ‘Brunch Concert’ at the National Asian Cultural Center in GwangJu. To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to enforce the safety of citizens, the show was conducted strict accordance with COVID-19 prevention & disinfection guidelines in the theatre such as wearing of masks, installation of heat-sensing cameras, temperature checking.The Brunch Concert of the National Asian Cultural Center is an art concert designed to provide citizens with a comfortable rest in their daily life and easy access to art on the last Wednesday of every month which is called The Day with culture.<SNAP> performed at Art Theater 2, and on the side of the theater, the audience seating system was used. Thermal imaging cameras and staff were placed at the entrance to the concert hall to check the body temperature and make a written consent for visitor and personal information.

We would like to thank the audience, performers, staff, and people involved in the venue for safe viewing.

I’ll see you again at the concert in the second half of 2020.<SNAP> performed at the Art Theater 2, and the theater applied a distance-based seating system for the audience. At the entrance of the concert hall, thermal imaging cameras and staffs were placed to check the temperature, visitor’s book and consent form for personal information utilization for all people entering the hall.Thank you to the audience, performers, staffs, and concert hall officials for helping us enjoy the concert safely.We’ll see you again in the second half of 2020

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