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<SNAP>, invited to the 'Chekhov International Theater Festival' as a closing performance.

On December 2021, <SNAP> by GRUEJARM Productions was invited to the World Stage of the "Chekhov International Theater Festival" as a closing performance.

The 'Chekhov International Theater Festival' is named after Anton Chekhov, a representative Russian writer, and is held every two years in Moscow, Russia, marking its 15th anniversary. The festival is Russia's largest performing arts festival with various genres of performances, including opera, ballet, and modern dance.

Even though there were many concerns about COVID-19, 11 countries, including Italy, Spain, France, India, China and Korea participated, and 13 performances were held at various places, including the Moscow National Academy Theater.

Despite the cold weather of -20 degrees Celsius, <SNAP> performers' willingness to perform was alive. Not only the performers but also stage managers and interpreters put their heads together to prepare for the <SNAP>.

<SNAP> performed six times from December 23 to 26. Many people enjoyed watching our performance despite the pandemic. In particular, Shadrin Valeriy Ivanovich, the general manager of the festival, said that the reason why he invited <SNAP> is that our show gives hope to families and also gives the biggest inspiration to him this year. <SNAP> was also evaluated as the best gift with warmth and sincerity for those who spend the gloomy end of the year due to the pandemic.

In addition, <SNAP> was heavily introduced on national broadcasts such as YVC and Culture News, as well as 1TV News, Russia's largest state-run broadcaster watched bu 250 million people. In the Culture News program, <SNAP> had an interview with famous Russian newscaster Vladislav Flyarkovsky and promoted about Korea and Korea performing arts.

<SNAP> is ready to return as a better <SNAP> in 2022 after our final performance in Russia in 2021.

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