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<SNAP> made first step towards Australia!

In October 2022, <SNAP> by GRUEJARM Productions was invited to the 'OzAsia Festival' in Australia and performed 4 times from October 20 to 22.

For three weeks from October to November, OzAsia festival invites people to explore the diversity and richness of Asian cultures. OzAsia festival is Australia's first major performing arts festival that celebrates culturally and linguistically diverse communities towards arts and artists from Asia.

Adelaide Festival Center, a national institution responsible for South Australian art and one of the major cultural centers in the Asia-Pacific region, hosted our show <SNAP> to Australia. It is the first time that the OzAsia festival has invited the magic-based performance.

<SNAP> in Australia, is much more meaningful, as it performed at the 'Her Majesty Theatre'. This theater is directly managed by the Adelaide Festival Center because it is a historical Australian concert hall and a symbolic place in Adelaide where the world's best performances have passed.

Originally, <SNAP> was invited in 2019 and was scheduled to participate in the festival in 2020, but was able to visit Australia after two-years of waiting due to COVID-19. After a long wait, there were both expectations and concers, but thanks to the cooperation and help of the theater managers, and the enthusiastic applause of the audience, the performance was successful.

After the performance, the performers had a communication more closely with the audience by conducting a workshop to learn magic.

It was an honor to start the second half of 2022 with a performance in Adelaide, and you can expect the <SNAP> that continues to develop.

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